Why is it important that Trusted Glazing Ltd is a FENSA registered company?

If your installer is a member of a government authorised Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) such as FENSA, you will benefit from reduced costs as you are avoiding local authority inspections and fees.

Beyond the financial aspect, individuals and firms approved as a CPS member will have undergone strict vetting procedures and are routinely inspected to ensure Building Regulation compliance is maintained. Always ensure that the glazing company is a CPS member like FENSA as this will encourage more
companies to sign up and reduce the likelihood of rogue traders in the market. A FENSA certificate is important because if you choose to sell your home in the future the solicitor of the person buying your property will request a copy.

Work by a FENSA assesses and regulated company therefore gives peace of mind that your work has quality control and compliance with the Building Regulations without the added cost and time of arranging assessment by Building Control

FENSA registered Number